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NOTE February 2011: Gold-Pay will no longer be processing transactions between them and online gambling sites including sports betting sites. Gold-Pay is no longer a viable deposit option and bettors should explore other means for transferring funds. Other deposit methods such as credit cards, UseMyWallet, and prepaid cards are solid means of depositing.

Deposit methods are many and various, and each one is unique. One truly unique deposit method can be found in the Gold-Pay sportsbooks. Gold-Pay is a relatively new deposit method, but it is being considered one of the safest. Gold-Pay is unique from other e-wallets in the one sense that, instead of placing money into the account, gold is purchased at the market price. By essentially trading cash for credits of equal value, worth its proverbial weight in gold, you can make some of the safest purchase online.

GoldPay is a very easy service to begin using, which means you will be able to quickly get into the GoldPay Sportsbooks. GoldPay deals with one of the most valuable commodities in the world, and this has its advantages. First and foremost, GoldPay allows any adult to join their service. They do not have heavy restrictions on who can join, which is just another of the advantages found in this most profitable of all services. We have looked into every basic facet of this deposit option so you do now have to worry about too many variables when using this option.

Signing Up For Goldpay

GoldPay is one of the easiest services to use. Though you will have to begin with a sign up, this process takes mere minutes. Signing up to GoldPay entails going to their site and clicking the create an account link. After agreeing to their rules you will have to provide some basic personal information. Name, address, phone number, and security questions must all of supplied through the sign up process. After joining, you will then have the option to verify your account and subsequently have even higher security and limits. This is the first step to using GoldPay sportsbooks.

How to Use GoldPay

If you are going to use GoldPay as a deposit method, then you will have a few options available. The GoldPay account itself must be funded prior to making a payment into one of the sportsbooks. GoldPay allows their users to fund an account through a variety of different methods. Money-Gram, Western Union, Xoom, and bank wires can all be used to fund the Gold-Pay accounts. Since each of these deposit options allows other options, including the occasional credit card and even PayPal, it is no surprise that GoldPay sportsbooks are amongst the easiest to fund.


How to Find Goldpay Sportsbooks

GoldPay sportsbooks are not found in large numbers, but they are out there. These sportsbooks combine the best of a land based, Vegas sportsbook with the Internet, allowing players to wager on demand from any device capable of connecting to the Internet. Funding an account was once the only difficult part of these online sportsbooks, but GoldPay has taken this difficulty out of the equation. Online sportsbooks have no short supply of online gambling, and you will see that using Gold-Pay is the easiest way to fund one of these gambling accounts.

If you want to bet on sports online, then the GoldPay sports betting sites are the best route to take. Each of these sportsbooks cover every major American sport, as well as many of the minor sports around the world, and many more events. Each of these sportsbooks also allow their players to bet on a great number of different betting lines, including parlays, straight bets, and much more. The GoldPay sportsbooks are easily at the top of the charts.

Bodog Sportsbook

Bodog is one of the top Goldpay sportsbooks available. Having committed themselves to being one of the most extensive of all sportsbooks, Bodog provides their players with a list of betting lines as full as a live sportsbook. Bodog offers multiple bonuses, including an unlimited 10% sports betting deposit bonus. Gold-Pay is one of their main deposit methods, and it can even be used to process withdrawals. As one of the top GoldPay Sportsbooks, Bodog is almost unrivaled in terms of quality.

Intertops Sportsbook

Another of the main sportsbooks accepting GoldPay is that of Intertops. The Intertops sportsbook offers their players some of the hottest features around. They give their players the option to collect many bonuses, including up to $100 in free cash to be used in the sportsbook. There is a 25% match bonus, which also makes Intertops one of the most generous sportsbooks available. Reduced juice, a live casino, and other options on sports can be found through Intertops, one of the best Gold-Pay online sportsbooks.


Gold Pay Sportsbook Reviews
GoldPay Sports Betting Bonuses
Bodog Sportsbook
10% Unlimited Deposit Bonus
Intertops Sportsbook
25% Match Good To $100 or $20 Free Bet
DSI Sportsbook
20% Match Worth As Much As $500
Sliding 10% To 45% Matching Bonus
5 Dimes Sportsbook
50% Match Bonus To $200 On First Deposit
VietBet Sportsbook
20% Match Bonus To $400 On First Deposit

Goldpay Pages

Goldpay FAQ

What exactly is GoldPay?

GoldPay is an electronic wallet. This service is similar to PayPal, and can be used just as easily.

Why is the service called GoldPay?

GoldPay is named such because you will be purchasing gold through their service. Rather than depositing money into an account online, you will be purchasing gold bars.

What fees are associated with GoldPay?

The fees associated with Gold-Pay depend on your deposit and withdrawal option. Know that there is a 2% transaction fee associated with your payments.

Are the GoldPay sportsbooks open to USA players?

Of course. USA players are some of the primary users of this option.